CA Root Certificate

Written by Sergio Lietti

The ANSP Grid CA root certificate is required to verify the authenticity of certificates issued by the ANSP Grid CA. Loading the CA root certificate into your browser will allow the browser to recognize ANSP Grid secure web sites, services and signed programs. The hash of the CA certificate is 126f0acf.

This certificate will be installed in the key-store of the web browser that you are using when you click on the appropriate format link below.

CA certificate (1.9 KB)

The authenticity of the  ANSP Grid CA certificate can be verified by calculating the MD5 or SHA1 fingerprint and comparing it with the corresponding fingerprint below:

The ANSP Grid CA certificate MD5 fingerprint is: 3D:13:1C:CF:D7:59:38:31:64:58:F7:14:67:88:7C:51

The ANSP Grid CA certificate SHA1 fingerprint is: EF:7A:26:F8:95:46:0E:FD:88:D3:B1:1D:AA:13:D6:1B:C5:5D:11:6A

To calculate the fingerprint of a downloaded certificate with OpenSSL do:
             openssl x509 {-md5 or -sha1} -fingerprint -noout -in cacert.txt