Registration Authorities

Written by Sergio Lietti

The ANSP Grid CA does not perform the role of a Registration Authority (RA). End entity authentication is delegated to RAs which will be setup as needed to support academic research activities in all Brazilian territory.

Registration authorities must be operated by organizations related with the academic community in all Brazilian territory. RAs must sign an agreement contract with the ANSP Grid CA where they assume the obligation of following the procedures imposed by this CP/CPS and the ANSP Grid CA for their operation and authentication of certificate requests. The RAs should be operated by full time members of staff of their respective organization.

The RA at the Núcleo de Computação Científica da UNESP  is the principal (or catch-all) Registration Authority for the ANSP Grid CA.

Accredited Registration Authorities

Núcleo de Computação Científica da Unesp